Boosters, Fans & Alumni

Under NCAA rules, a Representative of Athletics Interests (also known as a "Booster") is any individual who:
  • Has made any type of contribution to the athletics department.
  • Joined a booster club or any sport specific support group. 
  • Provided benefits to prospective or enrolled student-athletes, or their families.     
  • Assisted, in any manner, in the recruitment of prospective student-athletes.     
  • Participated as a varsity athlete at the University of Rhode Island.                     
  • Is a parent or legal guardian of an enrolled student-athlete at URI.      
  • Promoted the athletics program in any way. 
  • Note: Once someone is identified as a Booster they remain a booster for life.

A Representative of Athletics Interests/Booster is permitted to:             

  • Notify our coaches about prospects in their area.                  
  • Attend high school or two-year college athletic contests or other events where prospects may compete, but cannot contact the prospect, the prospect's relatives or coach. 
  • Continue existing friendships with families of prospects, but cannot attempt to recruit the prospect. 
  • Engage in permissible pre-enrollment activities with a prospect such as summer employment, provided the prospect has already signed a National Letter of Intent.
  • Have a phone conversation with a prospect only if the call is initiated by the prospect and there is no recruiting conversation.

A Representative of Athletics Interests/Booster is not permitted to:                

  • Prohibited from making in-person on- or off-campus recruiting contact with a prospective student-athlete and his or her parents and/or legal guardians.
  • Prohibited from writing or telephoning a PSA and his or her family members and/or legal guardians.  
  • A representative is prohibited from contacting a PSA's coach, principal or counselor in an attempt to recruit or evaluate the prospect.

NCAA rules prohibit any student-athlete from receiving any "extra benefits." The NCAA considers any special discounts or arrangements given to student-athletes or their friends and family that was not available to the general student body or public to be an extra benefit, and could jeopardize the student-athlete's eligibility.

A Representative of Athletics Interests/Booster may not offer or provide any benefits to a prospect or the prospect's relatives or friends including:

  • Arrangement of employment for a prospect's relatives
  • Gifts of clothing or equipment
  • Cosigning of loans
  • Loans to relatives or friends
  • Cash or like items
  • Any tangible items, including merchandise
  • Free or reduced-cost services, rentals or purchases
  • Free or reduced-cost housing
  • Use of institution's athletics equipment
  • Sponsorship of, or arrangement for, an awards banquet for high school or two-year college athletes by an institution, its boosters or its alumni groups or booster clubs
  • The presentation of award to prospects for outstanding athletics accomplishments.

A  Merchant may not offer or provide any benefits to a student athlete:

  • Discounts and Credits
  • Free or Reduced-Cost Services
  • Preferential Treatment