University of Rhode Island Strength and Conditioning

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Richard Johnson
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

Norfolk State '00
Springfield '11
E-mail Richard / 401-874-5938

Chase Campbell
Director of Basketball Performance
Ball State '13, '15
E-mail Chase / 401-874-5938

Mission Statement

The mission of the University of Rhode Island strength and conditioning staff is to provide athletes with a physically and mentally challenging training environment each and every day. The staff must believe in the program and one another. Passion must be exuded at all times, as it is expected of each athlete to train with this characteristic. The staff must put forth an attitude of genuine care to let the athlete know that his or her best interests are in mind. Always remember that training is being done to put the athlete in a more advantageous position to inevitably perform at his or her highest potential in competition. The strength and conditioning staff will coach each and every moment with these sentiments in mind.

Training Philosophy

The University of Rhode Island strength and conditioning program will utilize various training modalities in order to successfully cater to each of our 16 varsity sports. Each sport and athlete is unique, which is why our strength and conditioning programs are individualized. Individualization will be achieved through a needs analysis, performance testing, and comprehensive biomechanical assessments. Certain training qualities are then programmed based on the sport and athlete overview. Training qualities include power, strength, mobility, stability, speed, agility, and energy system development. Pertinent training methods will subsequently be used at appropriate times of the year to induce necessary physiological adaptations.


The goal of the University of Rhode Island strength and conditioning department is to reduce the occurrence of student-athlete injuries. By applying the concepts outlined in our mission statement and training philosophy, we will develop sound training programs designed to keep our student-athletes healthy and able to compete at their highest athletic potential.