At the Catch: With Allie Reilly

At the Catch: With Allie Reilly

Every year, the Rhode Island Rowing team heads down to DeLand, Fla. for its winter training trip. The Rams are able to log thousands of meters on Lake Beresford and the canals extending from it before heading back to Kingston to continue training indoors. This year, the team's seniors will give Rhody fans an inside look at what each day of the training trip is like. 

Today's post comes from senior Allie Reilly

This morning we hit the water for a long steady state row in fours. Working on various pauses and technical drills helps us to improve technique and form, which are crucial to boat speed.  As we gained meters down the St. John's river, a few alligators were spotted along the shore. After practice was complete, the team worked together to begin derigging some boats in preparation for the trailer leaving on Friday. We washed all bolts and riggers on some of the small boats to protect against corrosion from the salt water we row on. 

After morning practice, we head back to the hotel to relax and refuel before the afternoon's practice. This includes lunch, napping, stretching/rolling out, and using compression pants or the back massager to stay loose. 

Our afternoon practice was a "skill and drill" water session in the same lineups as this morning. This helped us fine-tune our technique and improve upon changes made from this morning's row. After practice we loaded a few boats onto the trailer and went to dinner at the dining hall. As this long week draws to a close, I am very excited to reflect on the changes we have made and the speed we have gained as a team here in Deland.